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Medical Illustration Job Showcase :: Featured Projects
Kimberly Battista
Endocrine Reviews/Endocrine Society
Mesa Studios LLC
Scientific American Magazine
Fran Milner
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Kelly Finan
Dr. Ryan Mathur
DNA Illustrations, Inc.
Journal of the Advanced Practitioner in Oncology
Dr. Topun Austin
Highway 504 Productions
BC Health Authority
Elara Systems
Elara Systems
Bardy Diagnostics
Maxwell Yeager
MFA Thesis, Rochester Institute of Technology
Epic Studios, Inc.
Merck™ Zostamax®
ShadowBox Pictures
Daiichi-Sankyo, Inc. Oncology
Lizzie Harper
Jersey Post (
Pridgeon Design Group
Health Dialog
Anatomize Studios Inc.
Scientific American Magazine
Guth Illustration & Design
Binder Park Zoo - Battle Creek, MI
Mike Austin
Medical Device Company
MedDraw Studio
Scientific American Mind Magazine
Audra Geras
Biotechnology firm specializing in immunotherapy
Dynamic Disc Designs Corp.
Dynamic Disc Designs
Catherine Delphia, MA, CMI
American Family Physician
Mercury Productions
Sanofi Aventis (Paris)
Joseph Hill
Lenox Hill Neurosurgery
Biochromatic llc.
Weill Cornell Medical College
Brian Harrold
Mccann Reagan Campbell Ward
Novie Studio
CorCadence, Inc
Bill Graham
Garrison Studios
i-Human Patients
Joel C Boyer Illustration
Nicolle Rager Fuller
Science Magazine
Aratana Therapeutics
Bloch Medical Art
Private Physician's Office
Ohio State University Department of Neurosurgery
Matthew Chansky
University of Pennsylvania
Jonathan Dimes
American Academy of Family Physicians
Debbie Irwin
Cognition Studio
Lure Animations
Conatus Pharmaceuticals
Natalya Zahn
Urban Moonshine
Mary K. Bryson
Steffen Visual Effects
National Geographic Channel
KO Studios
Lanx/Biomet Spine, Inc.
Jes Chosid
Bloomberg News
Mark Wrabel
ICom Creative Corp
Big Cypress Gallery
Seagull Company, The
Northwestern University
Michele Graham
Men's Journal
Third Left Studios
Gregory Mueller, MD FACS/ Elsevier, Publisher
Lila Strohl
Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomedicine
Shoemaker Medical
Advanstar Healthcare
Lightbox Visual Communications Inc
Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Equinox Graphics
Elaine Kurie
St. Louis University School of Medicine
Alan Gesek
AMI Medical Illustration Sourcebook
Craig Zuckerman
Jackie Heda
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Kristen Wienandt Marzejon
Jobson Medical
Delilah Cohn
Pediatric Infectious Disease MD, Attorney
Wendy Beth Jackelow, MFA, CMI, FAMI
Body Scientific
All Clients
Linda Nye
Emory University
Scott Leighton
Massachusetts Medical Society
Clark Medical Illustration
Cardiology Journal Publisher
Molly Thompson (Feuer)
Gardening Know How
Bryan Christie Design, LLC
IEEE Spectrum
Mica Duran
AstraZeneca MedImmune
Peg Gerrity
Phototake - Masters in Medical Images
Springer Science & Business Media
AS&K Visual Science
Hybrid Medical Animation
Internal Promotional Project
Applied Art, LLC
Elsevier, Inc.
Kevin A. Somerville
Self Promotion Image
Christy Krames
The Female Patient
Todd Buck
U. S. Pharmacist
Nicole Jones
Podiatry Today
Renee Cannon
McGraw/Hill publishing
Jennifer Gentry
American Society of Regional Anesthesia
Laurie O'Keefe
Jane Whitney
Endocrine Reviews, Endocrine Society
Fairman Studios, LLC
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

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