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Lizzie Harper
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medical illustration of One of six sciart natural history illustrations done of beetles for Jersey post series of medical illustration of Red clover botanical sciart natural history illustration of this meadow based agriculture crop which adds nitrogen to farming soils, for an identification chart of common wayside hedgerow plants and wildflowers medical illustration of Blue poison dart poison arrow frog illustrated for Wildlfowl and Wetlands Trust UK medical illustration of Portrait of the fly agaric fungus, a botanical illustration of fungi done from life. medical illustration of Botanical illustration art watercolour of Cirsium palustre marsh thistle painted natural history illustration floral realistic natural history sciart science illustration for identification i.d. chart for wild flower weed recognition
medical illustration of Scorpion bryophyte moss S. scorpoides natural history sciart botanical illustration used for identification chart of British lower plants on heathalnd and bog environments and habitats in nature. medical illustration of Botanical illustration of the Gentian Gentiana acaulis garden plant blue for gardening company advertising medical illustration of Sciart natural history natural science illustration of the red devon rare breed of cattle, completed for the Field Studies Council UK identification leaflet on species of ancient woodland environment and habitat medical illustration of Portrait of the head of a Camel for a greetings card company based in the UAE; one of a series of illustrations of species typical to Dubai and the environs. medical illustration of Natural history natural science illustration of the common Comma butterfly
medical illustration of Natural history natural science sciart watercolur illustratration of the worker honey bee Apis mellifera.  Insect, entomology, watercolour medical illustration of Diagram of botanical terms used to explain different seed and fruit dispersal mechanisms; drupe, pome, silique, capsule, nut, samara, pod, achene etc; shown by apple, tomato, plum, elm, dandelion, maize, mustard, poppy, oak.  Textbook, educational, diagramatic, botany, botany terminology. medical illustration of Science art entomological illustration of the irridescent beetle and natural history subject H. elegans medical illustration of Botanical illustration sketchbook study natural history painting of the geranium pelargonium flower for use in medical illustration of Botanical illustration of the Hedge bindweed Calystegia sepium completed in watercolor for an identification chart of common wildflowers and plants of the hedgerow and wayside.
medical illustration of Natural science illustration of the animals and plants found in a reed bed environment, including plants and wildlife, and a cross section of the water.  Animals include birds, mammals, fish, micro organisms, and insects common in this biological niche.  Used as a double paged spread in a conservation magazine medical illustration of Botanical sciart illustration of a sprig of the Western gorse showing leaves and flower. Technical natural science illustration including anatomical details on flower and leaf anatomy.  Used in a leaflet on identifying plants of heath habitats and environments. medical illustration of Stonechat singing on gorse medical illustration of Series of 6 entomological illustrations of natural science odonata dragonfly and damselfly subjects for postage stamps for Jersey UK. medical illustration of Sketchbook study of Rose in watercolor and graphite, natural history illustration of edible flower, natural science illustration of garen plant

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