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Kelly Finan
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medical illustration of Cell membrane with transport proteins. medical illustration of Shows transfer of energy to change water from solid (ice) to liquid and gas (steam). medical illustration of As a liquid (water) is forced through a smaller space (area of smaller diameter), its velocity increases. medical illustration of Shows locations of increased copper 85 isotope in geologic cross-section. Geology, igneus, sedimentary, bedrock, basement rock, metamorphic, pluton medical illustration of The Frackbox is an air monitoring tool developed by Citizen Sense. It is used to detect volatile organic compounds and ultrafine particles as well as wind speed and direction near hydraulic fracturing (fracking) infrastructure.
medical illustration of Shows underground, geology cross-section view of hydraulic fracturing breaking shale rock. medical illustration of 3-D reconstruction of an 1850 landscape to aid in a land trust's conservation efforts. Displayed in a local history museum. medical illustration of Show the difference between the humeral spots on Astyanax aneus and Astyanax orthodus, Costa Rican freshwater fish, for a taxonomic key.  Mancha humeral, peces de Costa Rica. medical illustration of Shows contrast between lateral line (linea lateral) on two Costa Rican freshwater fish species: Pomadasys crocro and Astatheros sp. for a taxonomic key.

medical illustration of Shows protractile (extendable) mouth in Costa Rican freshwater fish species Eucinostomus sp.
medical illustration of Shows downward leaching of copper isotope in U.S. southwest with implications for mining. Published in Elements journal of geology, 2015. medical illustration of Velvet grass plant, an invasive species in Yosemite National Park, with detailed view of ligule. medical illustration of Installation of Turtle Excluder Device (TED) into a crab pot. Designed to keep diamondback terrapins out of crab traps in the Chesapeake Bay. medical illustration of Sounds waves traveling at different speeds through different materials (metal and ceramic), shows molecules of materials moving. medical illustration of Screen capture of an interactive animation for McGraw Hill Education. Shows matter changing state from a solid, to a liquid, to a gas, as heat and cold are applied to the substance. Close-up shows density and behavior of molecules in these three states.
medical illustration of Screen capture of a proposed interactive animation for McGraw Hill Education. Shows a water cycle as water falls from clouds as precipitation, becomes runoff, enters the groundwater (aquifer), and travels to the ocean. medical illustration of For an interactive animation about wind erosion on crop fields. Shows farm fields subjected to wind traveling from a certain direction. Students are able to move the trees to help prevent erosion. medical illustration of For an interactive animation demonstrating how seasons change on Earth as it orbits the sun. medical illustration of Shows untrained cells entering lymph node to be trained to protect myelin on neurons in the brain. medical illustration of A general diagram of a virus replicating itself within a cell.

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